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Love Ukes Bristol stockist of Banjo's

Gretsch Roots Collection banjos feature solid modern craftsmanship and sparkling good-time sound and feel while authentically evoking the company's innovative banjo models of the early 20th century. From the 5-string mahogany-neck Broadkaster Deluxe and Broadkaster Special resonator models and Dixie open-back model to the diminutively striking Clarophone Banjo-Ukulele

Dean Banjos - For over 35 years, Dean Guitars has been the player's choice for musicians all over the world. Their Bluegrass instruments are known for their impeccable sound, quality, playability, and build construction. No matter what your taste or style is, Dean offers a choice. Define your sound and style with a Dean in your hands!

Barnes & Mullins Banjos, Pilgrim Banjos and Washburn Banjos also just arrived - come and visit our shop today and see our range of Banjos at Love UKES Bristol stockists of Banjos and Ukuleles.